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Little Ninjas Intro MMA

Ages 2-3
Our introductory class helps our youngest students get comfortable on the mats. By learning basic movements through play we start to form independence, following directions, waiting our turn, training with others and starting the basics of mixed martial arts. Little Ninjas are promoted with a unique red stripe system to help incentivize training!


Little Dragons MMA

Ages 4-7, Little Dragons start to learn basic Jiu-jitsu positions without submissions and the fundamentals of Kickboxing striking without contact. Starting with a warmup and partnering up based on level and ability we run through techniques as a group. Little Dragons are promoted through the Gray Belt System in Jiu-jitsu and through the Orange belt in Kickboxing.


Kids 2 MMA

Ages 8-12, Kids 2 begin to learn Jiu-jitsu submissions, understanding the concept of points and mastering positions of control. They begin light sparring in Kickboxing’s without strikes to the face or head. We begin to guide students through the fundamental Mixed Martial Arts of starting standing and getting to the ground to combine Kickboxing and Jiu-jitsu. We focus on self control and defense and the best ways to be dominant in a fight. Kids 2 will be promoted based on ability, level and age.


Teens MMA

Ages 13-17, Teens are guided through advanced submissions, point systems and techniques for Kickboxing and Jiu-jitsu. We prepare students for Adult training. Color Belt Students 16+ are permitted to Cross train with our adult class. Students are promoted based on age and ability.


Adults Jiu-Jitsu

All levels welcome! Our Adult Program is welcome to all ages and abilities. Primarily focused on ground fighting, controlling and submitting your opponent. Jiu-jitsu is perfect for anyone looking for a community, healthier lifestyle, self defense, competitive training, self confidence and more! From the very beginner, young competitors, hobbyist, seasoned fighter, we welcome everyone and encourage training through all phases of life.



Our non contact strength and conditioning class is a fight style training class. Students are set up in stations and run through timed circuits. MMA Fit is open to martial arts students ages 10 and up and family members of Martial Arts Students.


Women's Self

Ages 9+ our female lead group in an all girls class. Jiu-jitsu based techniques applied to real life scenarios. Women are guided through basic techniques to learn grip, choke and "street" assault defenses. Reflexive defense is very important for women. This class is available to Martial Arts Students and family members!

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